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It’s been said that nothing lasts forever, as far as it is man-made. Unlike our photos, books, plastics and many other objects which are not meant to last forever, our cosmetics or makeups tend to have a shorter staying power or duration; they could go bad easily and the user’s skin is badly affected if the expired products are used on the skin. Do you really want expired products on your face, anyway? I guess the answer is no. In the best-case scenario, they will never work as well as they once did. In the worst-case scenario, you could end up with an infection thereby paying a huge amount on hospital bills, especially when anything that has got to do with dermatological issues could be very expensive. However, you need a timely guide to your makeup disposal. Here, a quick guide on when everything should go in the trash is made known. Here is your timely guide to makeup disposal.

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1.Lipstick Disposal: After one year.


2.Disposal of Liquid Foundation: After six months to one year.

Liquid foundation

3.Cream Makeup Disposal: After six months to one year.

Cream makeup

4.Eyeliner: After three months if it is liquid, then after two years for pencil.


5.Powder Makeup Disposal: After two years.

Powder makeup

6.Face Moisturizer: If is the tub, you dispose after six months. Then that of pump is after one years.

Face moisturizer

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7.Mascara: After some months.


8.Nail Polish: This can last up to one year thus, its disposal should be done after one year.

Nail polish

9.Sunscreen: After one year.


10.Perfume: After eight to ten years.




Knowing when and how best to dispose your makeup is important. That is why you need to be aware of these timely guides to makeup disposal!


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