You’ve probably been wearing the wrong shoe size all your life


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If you find yourself constantly complaining that the shoes you wear are never comfortable, have you considered the possibility that you might be wearing the wrong size?

According to a new study, the pain we feel from high heels might all be down to the fact that almost every woman wears the wrong shoe size. That makes us feel pretty silly now, doesn’t it!


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According to the Wall Street Journal, a study conducted . the College of Podiatry of 2000 adults, nearly half of the women admitted to buying shoes that didn’t fit properly, the result of which can be problems with posture, bunions blisters and more.

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Why? Well, it might have something to do with the increase in popularity of online shopping and the removal of actually trying on a shoe with a fitting professional in an actual shop.

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Equally, it’s worth keeping in mind that your feet don’t stay the same forever and ever – in fact, they can change shape and size throughout adulthood. So, just because you used to be a size 6, doesn’t mean you’ll always be a size 6.

Growing up is fun, isn’t it!

Maybe it’s time we shop again.


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