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Zaron Cosmetics, the Beauty Brand for Women of Colour



The fashion and beauty sp. in Nigeria cannot be discussed without some names being mentioned. While in the aspect of fashion, we have top designers and stylists, in the realm of beauty and makeup, t. are some brands that can never go unnoticed. One of such brand is Zaron Cosmetics.

For the past ten years, this beauty brand has been doing its part in bolstering the growth of the beauty business in Nigeria and beyond. 


Brief History of Zaron Cosmetics

Oke Maduewesi, CEO of Zaron ComesticsOke Maduewesi, CEO of Zaron ComesticsOke Maduewesi, CEO of Zaron Comestics
Oke Maduewesi, CEO and founder of Zaron Comestics

Conceived by Oke Maduewesi in Leeds, UK, Zaron Cosmetics has been one of the fastest-growing colour cosmetics brand in Nigeria.

Although the brand was conceived in 2010, it began operations in 2011. And ever since then, this cosmetics brand has expanded to have branches in other countries in Africa such as  Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Cameroon, and subsequently others.

One would think that the founder of Zaron probably studied something related to cosmetics. But as they say, your passion doesn’t always lie in your course of study.

Erica of BBNaija is an ambassador of Zaron CosmeticsErica of BBNaija is an ambassador of Zaron CosmeticsErica of BBNaija is an ambassador of Zaron Cosmetics

Oke is an Economics graduate from Edo State University. She went further to acquire an MBA from Leeds University, UK. Afterwards, she worked in Zenith Bank and grew to become a formidable manager up until her passion caught up with her and she had no choice but to chase it. And that was how Zaron was born.

The goal was to bring joy to the hearts of women of color by making lifestyle products that are tailored to meet their specific needs. This she did and is still doing with Zaron Cosmetics. However, t. were shortcomings along the line, part of which included selling everything she had to make her beauty brand work.

Nigerian model makeupNigerian model makeupNigerian model makeup

As peculiar to every success story, the brand grew tremendously through the application of business acumen and strategies. One of which is the franchise model and distribution network which enables it to have many distributors across the globe.

Products of the Zaron Brand

Zaron's purple matte lipstick offeringZaron's purple matte lipstick offeringZaron's purple matte lipstick offering

The Zaron brand is known for everything cosmetics ranging from lipsticks to foundation, eyeliner, eyebrow definer, powder, lipliner, gloss,  hydrating serum, finish spray, concealer, etc. These products have their distinct purposes which they all fulfill.

Zaron's productsZaron's productsZaron's products

When you wear any makeup product from Zaron Cosmetics, you can be rest assured that what you have on your face is quality. This is because every of the brand’s products are manufactured to international standards and customized to different environmental conditions for black women.

Zaron eye pencilZaron eye pencilZaron eye pencil

Furthermore, the brand’s formulas do not contain harmful substances such as phthalates, parabens, nonylphenol ethoxylates, triclosan, triclocarban and hydroquinone and sulfates.

Zaron eyelinerZaron eyelinerZaron eyeliner

The powders also contains SPF to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Plus, they are noncomedogenic, making every product of this beauty brand suitable for even those with oily skin.

Zaron,s 5 minutes glamZaron,s 5 minutes glamZaron,s 5 minutes glam

Because this beauty brand delivers quality, value and style to customers in ways that accentuate their physical beauty and engender satisfaction plus a massive boost in their self-esteem, it has been awarded with success beyond reasonable doubt.

Indeed, the brand has evolved to become an authority in the beauty sp. in Nigeria and beyond.


Humanitarian Services of the Brand

Beyond manufacturing and selling products to enhance the beauty of women of colour, Zaron Cosmetics has been a . of employment to many.

That aside, the brand regularly gives back to society through humanitarian programmes such as Widows’ Day and Hunger-Free Day.


Widows’ Day is an initiative of the founder and CEO, Oke Maduewesi. The idea is geared towards empowering widows by showing them love in the form of fun, music, food, makeovers, seed business investments and other gifts.

The reason for this isn’t far-fetched. Oke herself has tasted the pains of widowhood and this was one of the triggers that resulted in her starting her beauty empire.


Similarly, Hunger-Free Day is a scheme in which a day is set aside every year to show love and support to people in deprived communities in the form of gifts, food, music and fun fare.

The brand readily does this in a bid to change the lives of the most vulnerable in its own little way.


How to Become a Zaron Distributor

lady with Zaron Cosmetics' purple lipstickslady with Zaron Cosmetics' purple lipstickslady with Zaron Cosmetics' purple lipsticks

If you don’t just want to wear their products alone, you can as well become a distributor of Zaron products.

model in smooth face makeupmodel in smooth face makeupmodel in smooth face makeup

The brand’s products are solely distributed from its head office situated in Ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria. And these products are sold via over 1,000 distributors through franchises set up in over 30 different locations both in Nigeria and across Africa.

A beautiful lady wearing makeupA beautiful lady wearing makeupA beautiful lady wearing makeup

To become a distributor, apply ..



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