#ZumiFashion: How To Stay Fabulous When Riding A Boda-Boda


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Zumi Boda Boda

There is no shame in using a bodaboda!

Boda boda are fantastic modes of transport especially if you are in a rush to get through the crazy Nairobi traffic. Women have landed in trouble before for not dressing appropriately when using them.

1. Beware of short skirts

If you use boda boda often, then you know by now that skirts can be a terrible choice. Avoid skirts that are flared or very short because once you sit on the bike, someone is going to catch an early morning flash! Carry a scarf to cover up while on the bike.


2. Fasten your trousers.

Make sure your belt is well fastened. This will prevent you from showing your butt cleavage to people. Pull down your top to offer extra coverage.


3. Make sure your hat does not get blown away.

Hats fall off boda-bodas all the time. Wear a hat that is adjustable or just take it off because you should be wearing a helmet.

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4. Shoes.

Heels are fine but are sure to wear comfortable ones. Wearing 6-inch heels could be harmful especially if you slip getting on or off the bike.

Boda Boda Zumi

Lucia Musau

5. Sunglasses.

Wear glasses because they will protect your eyes from the wind blowing your way. Bloodshot eyes do not look good on anyone.

Zumi Boda

6. Hair.

If you wear a wig, be sure to fasten them in the helmet. When taking it off, hold the wig to avoid taking both of them off. This will be funny for the boda-boda guy but probably not for you. Remember to carry a comb in your bag to spruce up your look.

Boda Boda Zumi

Note: You need to always wear a helmet when using boda-bodas.  According to an article written by The Star, an average of 250 boda-boda . deaths are recorded every month. Wear A Helmet, Be safe.

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