#ZUMIFashion : Learn How To Power Dress Like Your Favourite Kenyan Fashionista


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Official wear never looked this good!

Dressing better can help you get ahead at work and in business. Power dressing starts with knowing what you want out of your day. Are you trying to make people notice your creativity? Do you want to look intelligent and serious? All this can be achieved by the power of fashion.

1. Minimalist Power Dressing

A minimalist style tends to make you look more serious. Wear simple but well fitting one-piece dresses. Wear a lot of whited and avoid loud patterns. You will look ready to do business.

Power Dressing This Is Ess

This Is Ess

2. Casual Power Dressing

The weekend should not be an excuse to dressing shabbily. Those ripped jeans and crop tops should be your last resort if you want to look polished and in charge. Those casual Fridays at the office should be the perfect opportunity for you to put a power look spin to your casual clothing items.

Power Dressing Diana Opoti Zumi

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Fashion Consultant: Diana Opoti

3. Colorful Power Dressing

Colorful Power Dressing makes the wearer look more fun and approachable. If you work in the . field, then this is definitely the best look for you. Bright colors have a positive psychological effect on the people around you.  Remember not to wear too many bright colors at once.

Power Dressing Lucia Musau Zumi

Kenyan Blogger: Lucia Musau

4. Comfort Power Dressing

As much as looking fashionable is good, you need to also be comfortable in everything that you wear. The fabric chosen for your look should be a fabric that breathes and comfortable. For a flowing one colored outfit, add a belt to break the monotony.

Power Dressing Zumi

Grace Msalame for Vivo Activewear

Official wear doesn’t have to be the same old boring suits. It is time you got creative with your look. All the best with that promotion.

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