#ZUMIGirls! These Rainy Weather Hairstyles Are Sure To Cause A Storm


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When the rainy weather is upon us, your hairstyles better be on fleek!

This Kenyan weather will not give us damn break and it can be a bit frustrating when it comes to planning your hairstyles. What we didn’t think clearly through was the struggle of keeping out hair fresh through the rain. Doing your hair when it’s raining can be an absolute drag right?

You plan your hairstyle and then if you’re hair is open the frizz begins and you end up looking like an absolute mess. These hairstyles will make you leave the house with a great hairdo.

5 hairdos to try during the rainy weather:

1. Leave your hair up in a cute bun! This hairdo will ensure that your hair will stay up and dry, your tresses will definitely not touch water and frizz out. Create this cute hairdo by using styling gel, lots of bobby pins and hair band.

2. Braids will never disappoint you! Try having some cool faux locs on your head this rainy season. Get creative and . with bold colours to make your hair stand out just as Anita Nderu did.

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3. Don’t want your hair out at all, that’s understandable so opt for a turban style. This hairdo is fun and cool, you can never go wrong with a turban on your head. . with different colours and print to bring out those happy sunshine feels to everyone around you.

4. For the daring girl, Bantu knots are the best hairdos for you during the rainy weather. Switch up your style with coloured extensions to create that funky look. This hairdo will leave your hair dry and protected, the only thing you will have to worry about are those edges baby girl.

Which hairdo gets right with you during the rainy weather? We would love to know!

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#ZUMIGirls! These Rainy Weather Hairstyles Are Sure To Cause A Storm

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