#ZUMIHairstyles: Do Blondes Have More Fun? ( Vote Now)


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This natural hair blogger just went blonde!

Hair blogger Sharon, popularly known as My Kenyan Puff just went blonde and she has us naturalistas shook! She took a huge leap of faith and went ahead and colored her natural hair; changed it from black to blonde. She has taken us through her hair color journey and we are just loving it! Everyone says that blondes have more fun; Sharon needs to clarify for us lol. Going blonde is a bold step and not for those who mind stares from strangers on a daily. Do you love her hair? You be the judge and cast your vote below.

1. Blonde.
coloured natural hair kenya

.: Mykenyanpuff

Tips on maintaining colored natural hair:
1. Deep condition frequently.

Honestly, your deep conditioner needs to become your best friend. Immediately after you color your hair, it’s important that you do a deep conditioning treatment.

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2. Moisturize often.

Water is so awesome. It’s literally the only true way to add moisture to your hair. Invest in a small spray bottle, then add some water, leave in conditioner, and oil. Spritz it in your hair every day, or whenever you feel like your hair needs added moisture. After washing your hair, add a leave-in conditioner, oil, and cream to lock in moisture. Do this every time you wash.

3. Co-wash.

Co-washing great when you have colored hair, because you won’t be stripping your hair of any color and added moisture like if you use a shampoo. Co-washing is a gentle way to clean your hair and scalp.  Also do not skip shampoo completely for co-washing. Shampoo twice per month or so to remove product build-up.

What are your tips for maintaining colored hair?

This Hairstyle Is Goals; .’s A Quick D.I.Y


#ZUMIHairstyles: Do Blondes Have More Fun? ( Vote Now)

Click here for Latest Ankara Styles >> Read More

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