men's fashion with gucci mane

A lot of men might be too nervous to bust out a matching floral set but not Gucci Mane.

Ok so Gucci Mane decided to give the internet a shock as he posed in his floral short set for Instagram. We are shook we have no idea what he was thinking. Most men would not even think of getting a matching floral suit, they would rather bathe in acid than wear that outfit. Though we know that many Kenyan women who have a floral suit they would go and tailor make their man’s suit to match. Kenyan men would you wear this? And ladies, would you let your man wear this? Go and vote below we would love to see your votes.

. Is Gucci Mane In His Floral Matching Suit:
1. Floral Set.

Ok so now . is Gucci Mane in his outfit. Are we loving it? I am dying with laughter as I look at this picture? What was Gucci Mane doing or thinking? Well he looks a bit good in this outfit, with his matching sunglasses and with jewellery. This looks good for a hot summer pool party right? But not in Kenya lol

men's fashion with gucci mane

.: Gucci Mane

2. Matching Set With The Wife.

We are loving how Gucci Mane looks great in his floral outfit that seems to match up with his wife’s outfit. If this isn’t goals then we don’t know. Ladies if your man gets himself a floral set, you better get an outfit that compliments him.

men's fashion with gucci mane

.: Gucci Mane

We just want to know if you would let your man wear a floral set like Gucci Mane? Vote Below.

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